The idea behind Bake A Wish came to me in 2017 when I thought of how I could use my baking skills to help those in need. I know from experience the joy in receiving a homemade customized cake. When I would present my friends or family with their own cake for a special occasion, I always loved to see how their faces would light up with happiness. With Bake A Wish, I want to spread that same happiness to those less fortunate.


Bake A Wish aims to help children and teenagers who come from families who are unable to spare the funds to celebrate special occasions with a customized cake. Cake has long been in the spotlight of all celebrations. My goal is to bring some joy (in the form of cake) into the lives of children and families who lack the resources to mark milestones such as birthdays or holidays.


For me, every cake represents a different memory. I never forget a cake that I make and I know that the people who I make those cakes for will also cherish those memories forever. With Bake A Wish, I want to provide families and children with a happy memory to mark any special occasion. For me, it’s not just the memory of mixing the batter and piping the flowers, and for a child or a family in need, it’s not just the memory of beautifully designed buttercream flowers, or the sweet taste of chocolate ganache. It’s about the memory of the moment when you’re sharing a celebration with the ones you love and the happiness you feel in your heart.


At Bake A Wish, a cake is a symbol of hope and happiness for families in need. Please contact us with your circumstances and information to order a cake for your loved one.


As a current high school senior, unfortunately I will only be able to make 20 cakes per year. 10 for Bake A Wish, 10 to raise the fund for Bake A Wish

Bake A Wish

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